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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
USB on the Amiga adds a level of convenience that you will quickly miss on other installations if you have multiple Amigas. While the 33MHz 68030 won't do much on performance (the two computers will perform "about equally" on USB mass storage devices), you'll see that you will use the Amiga with USB a lot more often than the one(s) without :-)
So I accidentally clicked the link, typed in my address and paid for it.. I did get the error message you wrote about, but I assume it went through.

I guess I'll try it out in both Amigas to see how it works out. I don't like making holes in the cabinets so maybe the 1200 will win simply because of the expansion slot in the back (and I'm not removing neither the serial nor parallel port in the 600).

Any other things besides storage devices and a mouse would it make sense to use the USB port for? USB floppy drives?
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