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Maybe that's because no 'professional' coders can afford the time and resources that commercial games need these days, on the Amiga at least.
This is the way today's fake amiga developers try to make you think. These type of "developers" appeared since the demise of commodore. They are designing shit games as if we are begging for new games. In fact they know their games might be mentioned only on a small community like ours. But amiga user is smart. We know what makes a good game and what does not. We've had many cool titles for 68k and there's no reason to be grateful for those who can't make good games just because there aren't many new games under development. This is not the way to support amiga, amiga doesn't need this kind of travesty. If amiga be called "dead" just because it does not have new but shit titles, so be it.

And THIS game might not be included here, depending on what the final product will look like. Therefore I'm speaking generally and not targeting this specific game which does not look good so far.
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