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Originally Posted by Kola View Post
Hi Retrofan you lost me.

But hang on I'm working through this guys video. On the set up at exactly 37 seconds he he sets his winUAE to 8 meg fast RAM. Should I do that? I dont have 8 meg of fast RAM insulated in my A1200. Its just standard?
Yep, he also increases the floppy speed to 800x, that's just to make things faster/easier. He doesn't want to go out of Ram and uses that. You can even increase the chip ram without problems on WinUAE or use more fast ram.

Edit: Remember that you will need the kickstart and the floppys from AForever for example.
Edit 2: You must make a copy of that HD once you finish, so you won't have to make it all again a next time. Anyway installing a new CF HD you always will need to follow his steps to make the partitions and so. There are other ways anyway (an image), but you better start making and understanding the process.

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