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Does Rapidroad work better than a Subway that is plugged into the ACA500 with an ACA 030 accelerator attached to the ACA500?
Although RapidRoad *can* be connected to the ACA500 clockport "somehow", there is no way to do it "out of the box".

The reason is that RapidRoad does not take power from the clockport. This has two safety-reasons: a) the clockport can never supply enough power for the two USB ports and b) by not taking power from the clockport, the damage of a wrong connection can be minimized (not the severe burnt parts and cables that you might know from fried Delfinas and Subways).

There is currently only one solution, and that would be soldering a power cable. This is an expert's job that I might describe in the Wiki, but I will not recommend it. My recommendation is to wait for the network/USB module, which will solve the power connection problem, but also improve speed. Further, you will only need the cheaper version of RapidRoad (the X-Surf-100 version), because the network/USB module for the ACA500 (which I will most likely call "X-Surf-500") will have the same expansion port as the X-Surf-100.

Speed-wise, RapidRoad is about twice as fast as Subway on the clockport. If you already have a Subway, it's definitely worth replacing it with RapidRoad.

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