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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Also Capt Hindsight, i actually have a Super Snapshot v3 here that i acquired years ago, it says in the manual that it supports Turbo Dos which is there load enhancement, it supports fast load and fast save.
Is this of any use with an sd2iec? I actually tried it last night and had no luck with it's turbo system making stuff load quicker.
Unfortunately the SD2IEC firmware is limited to just a few fastload cartridges (Epyx Fastload, FC III and JiffyDOS iirc). If you'll ever plan to buy a Final Cartridge III, I'll try to translate you a very handy tutorial I got from a german forum, how to use both of them with just F1-F8 inputs. It needs a little work (copy and paste most of the times), but afterwards your C64 will work like a console with brief loading times.
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