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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Wrong, Putty Squad uses ALL of 2 meg of chipram, I know as I'm the guy that released it for System 3

I also have all the source code and files for the game, but it still isn't trivial to get it to fit.
Cool. I have been too long away from Amiga OS, and obviously had some "memory loss". I was thinking too much ECS, but this game is of course AGA.

It should technically in theory be possible to run it from CD on 2.MB RAM with your source, but too bad its not easy to do this.
Putty Squad was planned for CD32, so it must be possible on 2.MB chip only.

I don't have the skills required to make your files work either, so we can only hope someone can do it some day.

Just pulled out my CD32 with Promodule from storage room to reconnect it.
Its a full "Amiga 1200" with sweet Eric Schwartz Workbench, so i will refresh my memories and also play some of the newer sweet CD32 releases.

I have Wii U, 360, PS3 etc. , but no console ever had a soul like CD32 and Dreamcast had i think. Wii U is getting close thou.
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