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If anyone is interested Manosoft have updated there C64SD Infinity rom packs recently.

I would imagine they should be of use to any sd2iec owner, Neil you could try them on your new sd2iec's if you wanted!

There may even be some newly fixed games and demos in them.

C64SD-AIO-EASY-PACK-10-10-2014 -106mb

C64SD-C64-4gb-10-10-2014 -887mb

C64SD-AIO-8gb-10-10-2014 -1.7gb

Download here-

Edit- This may also interest C64 users here in Oz!-

Also Capt Hindsight, i actually have a Super Snapshot v3 here that i acquired years ago, it says in the manual that it supports Turbo Dos which is there load enhancement, it supports fast load and fast save.
Is this of any use with an sd2iec? I actually tried it last night and had no luck with it's turbo system making stuff load quicker.

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