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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Dude.... it has to work on a standard CD32, anyone can write a massive ram load version, fact is, most CD32 owners don't have anything more than 2 meg of chip ram, hence the problems.

After all, I completed the game on Amiga, one might think I might have an idea of the pitfalls of squeezing it into a system like the CD32.
Most have a problem then, since the Putty disks need to be loaded into memory.
Putty Squad itself uses 0.5-1.MB RAM to run. When 2 floppies sucks 1.5.MB RAM, there is of course no room left to run it.

People could of course nag System 3 about getting the DOS files for Putty Squad. If they can release the game 20 years later, they most likely have them as AmigaDOS files too.

I want this game to run on my CD32, so i will still make the ISO. Its cool that others is still making CD32 ISO's, even with new CDXL.

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