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That is a good idea, I want a disk like that also, but first I need to make some experiments to fit it in a floppy. Directory Opus is too big to fit inside a single floppy, and on the other hand, Scalos uses MUI and the AROS version of that is very big, too. AROS comes with a tiny Workbench-like interface called "Workbook", but it is very limited. The funny thing is that many PD disks that boot into Workbench under AmigaOS, under AROS will bring Workbook in place of Workbench automagically... [Technically] Its a bet [for use in a floppy]. I think DOpus 4.0 can fit, at least I see it included in some coverdisks without compression, and I remember me creating bootdisks with DOpus for my A500 in the past. DiskMaster is very small, and it runs on stock Amiga's. Its a good starting point for testing.

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