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First got my A500 in 1991 after i swapped with a mate for my Sega Megadrive! He used to come around with said A500 in bag during 1990 and used to leave it at my house most of the time anyway, decided it was too expensive renting mD games out let alone buying them! (I was still at school).
And the local school 'cracker' always had a Gola bag of the latest releases to X-copy, didnt fink i was doing any wrong doings honest guv!
Later in 1993 around Oct, got a CD32 for cheap of a friend for £200 who i went halfs with with the same mate i swapped my MD with, 3 months later he sold his half to me for £50! Got a SX1 and 8mb fast ram, kb, mouse and fmv unit in 94.
Years later got a cheap CDTV off ebay, still think its the coolest looking Amiga ever built!
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