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Im an old timer really. I got my A500 back in 1990 for my 15th birthday after pestering my parents for months. All my school buddies had them and my old BBC Micro just didn't cut it any more. LOL

It went into storage (AKA a black bin liner in the garage) around 1994 and I dug it out again in June this year because I decided that WinUAE just wasn't the same as playing the real thing. Here are some pics of my Amiga being retrieved from the garage and tested.

Bin liner in the garage (yes the A500 really is in there!)

Floppies rescued from the garage too:

Its a bit dirty haha:

Cleaned up a bit :

Tested in the garden in case of fire

Now Goteked

4 months on and the Amiga is still working nicely
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