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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Yeah that was an instant-buy. I'm not even going to wait for the upcoming season sales, this puppy is just worth the money.


Ha! Had my first rage quit already. Got dogpiled by a couple of rogue rats and then realized I hadn't saved in like an hour. I've been spoiled by auto save features. Learn from my failures: if you see stairs going down, save manually!
Killer game from what I have played so far. Excellent graphics, atmosphere and music. The outdoor areas really give the game much more depth. I'm about 5 hours in - deep in the Twigroot Tunnels. Some nice improvements to the original. I also like how they incorporated the 'Demon/Dark Souls' boss style encounters. Having lots of fun with this. Behind 'Dark Souls 2' this, so far, is easily my second favorite game of the year.
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