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Originally Posted by BaldMonk View Post

Well, the product is basically just an Android tablet. But instead of needing to purchase a bluetooth controller to play games, it has them built in.

They've been making them for a few years now in China, making them very cheap for what they are... But yeah, some of them have a few issues. Mine included.
Also, being from China, customer service is relatively non-existent after the purchase.

You can buy them from a LOT of places... All of varying reliability. and seem to be the most reliable.
I got mine from which is also very reliable depending on the seller's rating... So take notice.

My one cost me $150 NZD shipped 3 days DHL. The model is Sanemax CS707.
[ Show youtube player ]
I deleted all the Chinese stuff on it and installed apps from the Google Store instead.
I mainly bought it for it's thin form factor, and the fact it has an IPS screen.

The most reliable brand so far seems to be GPD. It also has the most community support, with a fella named Skelton releasing firmware updates that fix all the issues out of the box.
G7 (7 inch) review [ Show youtube player ]
G5 (5 inch) [ Show youtube player ]
Q9 (7 inch, IPS screen, Coming soon) [ Show youtube player ]

There is a great community that helps and supports each other too.
Scroll down to the "Android Devices" section for more information.

P.S: Haha, yeah, I'm a designer by trade and my girlfriend reluctantly lets me have my "inspiration" on my desk... The turtles are just the tip of the ice-berg

I wish I haven't read this, now...

You have very bad influence... thinking to get one myself now...

I just wonder, from your experience, how's button and controller durability?

I mean, everyone needs favorite emulation when we go to...

... sleep, right?
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