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Hello everyone! Just wanted to step out of the police box for a second to show you a couple Doctor Who games we've just finished playing.

The first was [ Show youtube player ], a "promoware" game that Accursed Toys created to tangentially promote their other game, Boppin'. For a free non-licensed game, we actually had a lot of fun with it. The sprites they made for all the Doctors and companions you play as throughout the game are really awesome and a nice touch.

The second was the more official [ Show youtube player ], a platformer that I can't imagine anyone has ever finished without turning on the unlimited lives cheat. This one is crazy hard, and features the Second, Fourth and Seventh Doctors, as well as the Brigadier and Ace taking on the Daleks and Ogrons across Earth and Skaro. We could hardly get past the first few screens without using the trainer, but I can't say we didn't try!
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