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I've found some info here

like this:
Originally Posted by platon42 View Post
USB audio is only available for the Deneb. It will not work with the Highway, Algor or Subway controllers. There are two USB audio standards 1.x and 2.x (independent of the USB protocol version), which are not backwards compatible and only USB audio 1.x devices are supported. USB Audio 2.x devices are very very rare in fact.

What do you mean by "was immediately not recognized". This is not very helpful at all. PsdErrorlog/PsdDevlister? The AHI driver generated only supports mono/stereo at any bit rates between 8 and 32 bit per sample, but not multichannel modes and only rates up to 65KHz (because AHI uses a 16-bit word for frequencies :-( ).

If the soundcard does not offer such a PCM 8-32 bit mode at frequencies lower than 65 KHz, there's nothing much that can be done about it on the Amiga side. Most cheap USB soundcards do though.
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