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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I need to buy a USB sound card, because yesterday night, I got an update to Poseidon that also supports USB audio. So far, it has only been tested on a clockport with just 48kHz 16 Bit AHI replay - recording isn't tested yet. Only two realtime streams are supported, so you can record and playback at the same time, but no webcam during that session.
Trouble: Amiga is not a realtime system. If multitasking is interrupted for more than 7ms, audio will stutter. Some SCSI controllers may actually cause such a stutter, including the A3000 onboard-SCSI controller.


That's really interesting.

I always had the impression that USB sound cards were really usable on a DENEB because of the ZorroIII interface. Clockport's bandwidth is much much slower than ZIII.
Is there any chance that the stutter you experience is because of the limitations of the clockport's bandwidth?
Because if that't the case I can hardly see any way to overcome this.
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