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Originally Posted by ADz View Post
You can connect a bluetooth and USB keyboard to just about any Android device, not just consoles. Same goes for mice, gamepads and USB hard drives.
Yeah, I know. I should have mentioned that most of these handheld consoles DON'T have bluetooth... Some support dongles and USB OTG though.

Originally Posted by ADz View Post
For the same reason you dont lump CD32 into an A1200 specific thread.

A gaming tablet is an all-in-one device and although you can achieve same with external pads etc the topci was about a gaming tablet, hence the picture. Speaking about Android emulation in general would just go off-topic.

I suppose it would depend on OP's intentions. I for one assumed it was to talks specifically about gaming tablet models etc so would be good for others to review their gaming tablets. Now you're saying that anybody can talk about any Android device so will just turn into a mess and off-topic.
I got no beef with talking about other Android stuff in here. I just made the thread to see why there's never been a mention of this stuff... Well, that I could see.

Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Anyone tried Amiga emulation on an Android smart watch? :-D
Ahahaha. That would be... Interesting.
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