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How do I create an AROS 68k boot disk?

I am trying AROS Vision now with WinUAE, and I think its amazing what it can do now, but I would like to create a smaller hard disk only with the data necessary to start Workbench (or Workbook, or Wanderer), exactly like it is done with AmigaOS 3.1 boot disks.

This way I can start building a Workbench disk replacement to launch my PD games, and apps, and after that, I can use the AROS prebuilt binaries inside the zip file to enhance my system "more".

So, I need to find which are the procedures needed to make a boot disk and prepare a hardfile with WinUAE and AROS. The files I need to put in the disk and their relation with the original WB 3.1 files. And any other differences between AROS and "Kickstart 3.1" that I need to take into account...

I was a Kick 3.1 guy, and I want to use AROS now, but I dont know anything about AROS. This is the first site I am looking for help, I know there are sites like aros-exec for that, but I prefer EAB. Someone can help? Thanks.

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