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Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
That's answered what i was going to ask you in that other cracking thread if you still had any real Amiga hardware or whether you were all emulation these days. What other Amiga hardware do you still have?

I really can't remember what happened to my old A1200 but i figure i must've sold it when i bought my first A4000. I killed that one and had to replace it with a second A4000 and i think I threw them out (one still working as far as I remember) around 2002.
I've still got every Amiga I ever bought, but in all honesty, I do it through emulation at the moment, although coincidentally that is about to change with an A600 with processor card and hard drive as the A1200 is too big to fit on the PS4 or PS3.

As for Amiga hardware, I still have: 4 or 5 A1200's, 2x A4000's (ex Gremlin), 1 A600, 3 A500, 1 CD32 (somewhere) and a B2000.

To my eternal shame I junked an A1000 back in 2000, I knew it was a mistake at the time, but hey, you make mistakes!
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