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i s'pose i'd count as an oldtimer; my 8-bit history is VIC 20 to Atari 800XL and C64 (i still code for all three and consider myself to primarily be an 8-bit bunny) then got a second hand A500 with Kickstart 1.2 from a cousin which is still in my dad's garage. Then i got a job selling computers and am proud to say that i never even once lied to a customer to sell them an Atari ST - we used to leave Shadow Of The Beast running on the Amiga 2000, 520STFM and C64 and most make their own minds up and sold more C64s than STs! =-)

That job paid for an A590 (which eventually died but is, again, still in that shed) before i upgraded to an 8Mb A1200 '030 which is now CF converted and has a registered copy of WHDLoad installed. There's also a stock A1200 with a 4Mb expansion again with CF and WHDLoad which used to belong to the shop, a CD32, the A500 Plus someone gave me and a 2Mb A600HD with CF that i take to gaming events like the Play Expo to showcase newly released games.

And now i feel old. =-)
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