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Daxb Yes I do have a CF card installed. Sorry I wasn't meaning that when I referred to acceleration.

I don't think ill ever be in the environment to experience an accelerated Amiga. I don't know anyone who has an amiga unless online such as yourself, and these people don't live anywhere near myself. So, if I never experience it ill never miss it.

Its expensive to do also. Not like its a tenner or whatever.

Back in the day my A500 I had previous to my 1200 rocked my world. Its amazing as humans how that then becomes standard and we simply want more and more.

Its like VHS then DVD then Blu Ray. etc etc Back when DVDs came out I thought they were amazing. Now people turn there nose up at them. Yet at one point they offered a fantastic amount of entertainment.

This is where I am at. I want to get back to where it all started for me. The Amiga. But Im not needing one on Steroids. Ill be in nostalgia heaven and hopefully productive again within music and that's enough for me.
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