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I saw an Amiga once back in about 1991. Just once. I was going to a birthday party and I stopped by the kid's house early, and he showed me lemmings running on what I'm fairly sure was an A500. Never saw or heard of them again for years.

I'm in the US, by the by.

I got into the Amiga about 2 years ago on a whim. I'm a retrogaming collector, and I do demoscene programming. I obviously knew about commodore's history in demoscene, which got me interested. Started dinking around in WinUAE and Amiga forever one saturday afternoon on a folly, and, well, a few weeks later I had a CD32 and A1200 ordered and shipped to me

I wrote's article on amiga collecting. Really love these machines! I wish I had been apart of the amiga community during its heyday.
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