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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
What exactly would you like to see Rob? As the photographer in the books, I'm sure I can knock up some exacting photos of the C64 book for you

Thanks for the support thus far. It's doing so damn well!
Originally Posted by Rob 1 View Post
Ideally I'd like to touch it, feel it, smell it, love it, but if you can some how replicate this in some way with a camera that would be excellent

quick question if I pleadged for a basic package now and some new lines open up, I'd like to upgrade to is this possible?
Hey wilshy, where's my book porn?

I'll bet there are a few more of us just sitting on the fence waiting to be tipped over by a few nice shots of the first book. They could probably be tagged to the kick starter site too, to show everyone how they will look hot off the press.

I think it's only right some of these old games developers (and a Graphic designer's team etc.) make a bit of money for their old stuff. God knows we all ripped their games off back in the day pirating their products, but hey we probably didn’t have the money back then to pay for all these games, but we all probably have a bit more spare cash these days and at least get a chance to buy a small part of that history.

Or have I got this wrong and the long list of great names associated with this get nothing from the proceeds?
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