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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Blizkick support is broken since Beta 17. Running Blizkick leads to HALT3 immediately. CPU% display still changes. Ctrl-A-A or F12 + Reset hangs WinUAE.
I think this is technically a blizkick bug, reset proof code goes to Z3 fast which is supposed to disappear at reset until autoconfig puts them back but this code runs before autoconfig. Previously Z3 RAM was not removed at reset but now that Z3 autoconfig is more flexible (does not anymore require ugly hack to force Z3 addresses), boards are not available until autoconfig has configured them.

I guess it works on real A4000s because all of them have onboard SIMMs (or accelerator board RAM) which have higher priority than Z3 boards and Z3 RAM boards are also quite rare.
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