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Hello Daxb

I dont yet. haha. Fitzsteve is very kindly helping me with a few things to breath life into the old beast and I'm waiting on delivery of an LCD TV and such. All via help from forum members such as yourself, Steve, Jedi and many others. Great!

How I used to do it so what I'm ultimately aiming for is simply my 1200 and my technosound sampler.

Theres tons of sample disks online as you will know so often I can be lazy and just use them as is.

I also have an Akai S1000 sampler. Now, this thing in 1988 cost around £2500! I think a semi detached house cost 10 grand back then so to say it was way out of my league back then is an understatement.

Between the two I get a good combo of 8 and 16 bit, or thats the plan anyhow.

Im also toying with the idea of using my Atari STE (bet thats a swear word on here) and syncing cubase up with octamed. Big shame Cubase never ever made it to the Amiga. Mind I did have Music X back in the day. I may give that a whirl and ditch the Atari. I like my set up small.

Sorry, I'm probably rambling a bit. I can talk classic kit all day. Hence me totally getting the accelerator thing you all suffer from
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