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Originally Posted by Total Eclipse View Post
Where do you draw the line though? Do you exclude talk of any tablet without hardware buttons but using a Bluetooth controller? How about when you use a "gaming tablet" but connect a mouse via bluetooth? A tablet connected to a TV via HDMI and utilising a controller isn't really any different to a dedicated android console. Same software, potentially a very similar user experience. Not 100% the same, admittedly, but hardly a million miles away.

Agreed, however I think this discussion was created to discuss gaming tablets, ie tablets that have game controllers built in. I agree though that there is virtually no difference except form factor and specs.

Originally Posted by bippym View Post
It's all relevant. This has been discussed between the GMs and we feel it keeps it all together. We've also considered asking for a mobile emulation sub forum which would be a little more beneficial. For now though it's generally all Android related so can stay here.

Yes a specific sub forum would be good. I completely disagree with decision to lump all "Android" discussion into this topic though.
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