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Hello everyone.

I originally was going to reply to everyone, but my dinner hour isn't long enough ha. Seems a thread of interest I have started and thats great.

I must say Whatsonfmly's post was an eye opener for me.

Koala, yes todays PCs can do amazing things. So much so, I am not shocked or giddy at what they can do.

Now get a 20 year old computer to do something amazing...... that is cool.
I can soooo apply this to music. In the 90s I used to work and save hard doing double shifts just so save up for a synth and such. The ownership of the finished music studio was unquantifiable. And then the fact many amazing then skint musician such as the undiscovered Aphex Twin would write an amazing album on the minimalist of kit that he'd scrimped and scraped for.

Fast for ward to 2014. Loan mama laptop, get a cracked version of a software studio. Job done.

And the result? Billions of tunes released every second so much so the true value of music has plummeted to the stage it is these days where not only can you not sell it you cannot get even pay people to listen to it.

This is the whole reason I have dusted my 1200 off.

If anyone is interested my studio now is:-

Amiga 1200 - Octamed - Technosound sampler.
Roland TB303 and MKS50
Yamaha TX802

Mixers and effects and so on. Never before has my studio been so basic, yet never in decades have I have so much fun!!

So, I now totally get why you all accelerate your Amiga's. Its not for me, but I totally understand.
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