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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
I like to see a video of this product in action inside an A1200 or A600 and see where the cables are.. These video's will probably show up soon
I'm not really a video expert - I leave that up to others.

Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Maybe a stupid question but are there some limitations with certain types of storage-devices? Will any mass-storage device work? Usb-sticks? Do I need a self-powered device or use a usb-hub which has it's own power?
I haven't found any problems with mass storage devices yet. Poseidon is very tolerant to the various "implementations" (read: bad china-bugs) of cheap USB sticks.

Example: I have a gift from one of the Commodore incarnations, a "PET 128MB". That's a very early USB stick that came with a driver CD. I did have success with this stick on an old Win98SE computer with that CD, but on no other computer; neither Win32-versions, nor under Linux. With Poseidon, the "Pet128MB" stick with the Commodore label works fine.

Power-wise, RapidRoad uses a very sturdy USB power switch: 1.5 Amps per port. That's three times the specified power, and that's "per port", so if your power supply can handle it, you can power fairly old 2.5" USB harddrives with RapidRoad. I would still recommend a powered USB hub if you want to connect lots of devices at the same time.

I need to buy a USB sound card, because yesterday night, I got an update to Poseidon that also supports USB audio. So far, it has only been tested on a clockport with just 48kHz 16 Bit AHI replay - recording isn't tested yet. Only two realtime streams are supported, so you can record and playback at the same time, but no webcam during that session.
Trouble: Amiga is not a realtime system. If multitasking is interrupted for more than 7ms, audio will stutter. Some SCSI controllers may actually cause such a stutter, including the A3000 onboard-SCSI controller.

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