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Q: Why do we accelerate our Amiga's

A: In a nut shell, it is to get better performance.


It is true to say that 95% of Games don't need it, however the Amiga was more than just games, it was art, music, productivity, development - for a lot of us, games were just the icing of a very tasty cake.

You don't have to go crazy to get a veritable system, the ACA1220 is a bargain in my opinion, it gives you a 50% Faster CPU crunching with 128MB of Fast RAM - it sports 3.5 MIPS which is over 300% faster than a stock A1200. Add a hard drive and you are certainly going to be loving your life if you are into Music / Tracking / Graphics and general productivity.

I should point out that a lot of Games really do benefit with additional fast RAM and a faster CPU -

Just to name a few -
No Second Prize
Hard Drivin'
Hard Drivin' 2
Wing Commander (you can even run the most tasty Wing Commander CD32 version)
Alien Breed 3D
Formula One GP

In fact Most Polygon Based and 3D Games using 3D geometry will get a massive speed increase from just Fast RAM let alone a CPU upgrade.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, with the additional memory you can really make a powerfull workbench and a highly productive machine. Just think of what you can do in regards to Med SS and 128MB of RAM with over 3 times the power of a stock A1200.

Not to mention the new music / sound development software that has been trickling out over the last 12 months (just as Akira about some pretty impressive mixing software!)

Here is a hot link for the ACA1220 - from

Over 300% better performance for the princely sum of £83.40 (+postage)

Sadly, is out of stock at the moment, but it wouldn't hurt to send them an email to ask when they might be back in =)

My first Amiga upgrade was an 8MB RAM board with 33MHz FPU..... 8 months later I bought an 060@50 with 32MB..... when you get used to a more powerful Amiga, it really does fundamentally change the system and more so the experience from it.
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