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Originally Posted by xraynorm View Post
Looks like a lot of work has gone into this.
Yep - especially the clockport reliability was tricky to reach.

Originally Posted by xraynorm View Post
What sort of transfer rates will we seen on the clock port version on a 030 @ 50mhz?
Since I don't have any 50MHz accelerator, I'll quote mass-storage device transfer rates when used with a 40MHz ACA1233 (which is about the same speed as the Blizzard B1230IV): I measured 712KBytes/s with Sysinfo on an A1200 just a few days ago.

On an A600 with ACA620 (16.67MHz) and RapidRoad connected to the riser card of the A604n, you get 730k/s.

If the ACA620 is overclocked to 25MHz, you get 852k/s, and if you have an ACA630 with 25MHz, you get 876k/second.

Note that the clockport of the A1200 is really slow. The clockport of the riser card of the A604n is a little bit faster, which is why you get better performance, even though the CPU is not all that fast.

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