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Supamax - Ok my bad.

Predseda - No its really not enough. Im not going to play a 20 year old game and think wow I'm blown away no matter how smooth and fast it is. Compared to modern day it far from remarkable even accelerated. Maybe back in the day when accelerating gave you the best speeds maybe. But a few hundred quid to get the speed of a 486?

Id rather just not play the 5% of games that are enhanced by accelerating and save myself £200. £200 to speed up three games to me is nuts. But each to there own.

Daxb - Thanks for the info mate. Thing is my standards 1200 running sound studio did it all for me back in 95. I cant see why I would need more today. I certainly don't want a 16 bit sound card. Part of the fun for me is the low res 8 bit sound. I have a few hardware samplers all of which are 16 bit bar my 12 bit s900.
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