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what concerns amigakit i dont have any particular opinion. everything i have been in need of amiga wise these years i have been able to buy directly from the developers and i dont see why in such a limited market i would have to refrain to a proxy. the support that way has been always proper and competent so far.

now what concerns the subject here is probably a result of an uncontrolled escalation. though my observation is that a both and lately by aeon acquired has now a common group of moderators very much aligned with os4 camp. also few individuals of uncertain record have been introduced to the staff without further notice. the moderation policy on both sites has become almost alike, including pretty free interpretation of tos, banning at will, deleting threads or posts without notice in accordance with the demand it may not be openly discussed except in pm with moderators themselves. i am aware that moderating forums may be a walk on a blade of a knife, but this seems a good bit too bisaed even though.
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