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Originally Posted by Kola View Post
Hi Kola, I'm Supamax, not Supermax .

- Thank you for correcting my spellings and grammar.

Im dyslexic so stick around. You can correct me daily if it bloats your Ego.
Perhaps I wasn't clear or you misunderstood me: I wasn't correcting you.
I obviously supposed that the thread title was correct and related to the reason why we users do accelerate our Amiga now (not in the past).
So - I repeat - I was not correcting you, I was remembering to others that the question was about acceleration in the past (when Amiga was still marketed) and not now.

My original question was to work out if I needed this or not. After reading the many replies I know I do not.
Oh... this seems in contrast with your previous answer. So, were you asking why do we accelerate or why did (in the past)?

P.S. no need to feel offended. I didn't know you're dyslexic (but, as I wrote, I wasn't correcting you) and what I wrote has nothing to do with my ego.

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