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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Not true at all.
Just a quickly made assumption after quickly reading a couple of threads on the site feedback section. I really don't know what goes on inside

I post regularly on just 3 forums about things of interest to me. One is here on EAB, one is a computer security forum which deals with the sort of thing that Piru used to occasionally post about on and the last is a satellite TV forum where I'm a moderator. There are only 6 moderators there. There is the site owner and one super moderator who does almost all of the moderation the rest of us are just there for backup and I mostly post about hardware issues pretty much as a regular member and have only once or twice used my moderation powers. It is a very quiet forum. I can't think of a single instance of trolling in all the time I've been there., on the other hand, is not quiet at all. I was on it when it was calmer and I left when it just started getting to the point it is at now. The moderators really have a lot to deal with so I have to give them some credit for wanting to moderate there at all. What has happened slowly over the years is that what was once a very Amiga centric forum that tended to go off topic quite a bit has evolved into something like an emotion drenched reality TV show made up of Amiga fans. That is entertaining in a way but the more serious people tend to leave a scene like that.
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