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For me it was the free version of Cinema4D.
First I bought a HDD(600Mb) ,a CD-rom drive and finally the 030@50Mhz with 16Mb ram.blizzard1230mk3

A year or two later I got a cheap 040@25 card with amazing 32Mb of ram.blizzard1260(got only the 040 model clocked at 25Mhz )

Friends that have been with me in the computershop told me I'm nuts to buy such an expensive(~200€) crap for a dead and outdated system.
Lucky for me that I gave a shit on that.
Because looking back it was worth every cent...

Workbench was running like a charm. Many games where loading faster or even running faster(e.g.F1GP,Frontier) and Hdd access(even IDE) was much better.
Well - and WHDLoad on a stock amiga. Without me...

Today I thend to use an emulator for a quick game or two. Just because I'm a lazy old fart now.
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