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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I think he posted here to voice his opinion, because:

1. He knows that most of us are on more then one forum, or at least read both forums.
2. He wants to be heard, and because he can't post on, so he post here (I can see that)

To be fair, I personally would like to see the original post on and see why he was banned.
The original post is deleted but the site feedback section of has some of what led up to it. It really doesn't look all that good. There are quite a few banned users and none of them, as far as I remember, were particularly bad trolls. There are also a lot of moderators right now, too many in my opinion. It looks like a situation where one of the moderators does something and all the others feel obligated to defend it regardless. There are lots of complaints of locked threads and deleted posts. The tone of some of the moderator's responses to these complaints is pretty high handed if not downright inflamatory and is not likely to calm tempers.
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