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I'm an old timer, got my first Amiga in 1988, but took a while to get there.

Had a BBC Model B, used it when I was younger, but kind out of 'outgrew' computers, which turned out to be a lie. It wasn't until I saw some stuff on Amiga that I though "Holy fuck, thats light years ahead of the BBC Micro!"

So, I had a chat with my dad, proposed he bought me an Amiga, and I pay him my wages from my part time job at Tesco.

And to my surprise, he agreed to it!!

So off we went looking for Amigas..... sold out everywhere. Went into Tandys (remember them kids? Americans call them Radio Shack), and the had Atari ST's with TWENTY GAMES!!!!!!!

"Yes sir, the ST is just like an Amiga but has 20 free games, you don't get that with the Amiga...... er, stereo sound? Yes, and it might be as many as 4096 colours!"

So, I settled for an ST.......oh...... dear!

No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to output in stereo, I had it for two weeks when my Dad came into my room and saw the look on my face.

"Whats up son?"
"er, well I don't want to sound ungrateful, but this thing sounds worse than the BBC Micro, it doesn't sound anything like an Amiga, everything is slow and jerky."
"so what are you saying?"
"The bloke in the shop lied dad, its a load of crap, everything is in a tiny window and it sounds awful and the scrolling makes my eyes water!"
"So what do you want me to do about it?"
"Erm, any chance we can take it back and go and get a proper computer?"
Pause........ "Suppose we could, I haven't shouted at a shopkeeper for a few months, pack it all up and we'll take it back."

Bought a second hand 1.2 A500 with lots of 'shush don't tell anyone' disks for £300 (still got it fact fans!), and even my old man was marginally impressed.

I had the Black Monks crack of R-Type, he set the computer up whilst I was at school and it took him half an hour to figure out how to get through the trainer menu (neither of us had used a mouse before), and even he commented that the title music was "pretty bloody good actually".

And the rest, people kind of know. I cracked stuff, I wrote stuff for software companies, I helped software companies, I met a few people in the industry that I cracked their games.....oh the laughs we had! :/

So, pretty old then!
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