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Originally Posted by Kola View Post
Thanks guys.

So, basically if you accelerate it my 1200 can do more modern tasks. Or similar tasks just with updated softwares?

How fast in computer terms can you get a 1200? 386? Pentium class? Multi core?
I'd say the 1200 would be on par with a 486DX perhaps?

Accelerated Amiga's are essential for running OS 3.9 too and certain Doom clones (4.x requires PPC acceleration).

I personally don't bother with it as it's;

a) expensive (depending on what you want in terms of speed - 68030 will suit majority of users... anything beyond that is pie in the sky in terms of cost)
b) I like to fry my eggs in a pan rather than on a CPU
c) only play the odd game or two
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