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Originally Posted by Telemachus View Post
I think Putty Squad should run on a CD32 you can free over 1.9mb on a CD32 using simple tools. I don't think Putty Squad would use 100% 2MB memory, that was never expect from a regular A1200 either.

Maybe other coders or whdload authors can chime in to confirm this, running with whdload is the problem I think. It would run fine without it, with just assigning the disks assuming they are not protected and are in amiga dos which I guess they might not be? It has worked for other AGA games.

On a real CD32 there is usually more memory available than on WinUAE due to people using a hard disk for testing.

Maybe we need a bounty challenge I put money on StingRay or Psygore
Then you would be wrong, categorically and emphatically.

Its been disabled but there was an ingame memory watcher which displayed the location and size of everything in memory for Putty Squad, and I can assure you, Putty Squad uses virtually ALL of memory.

Sure, there might be the odd spare 15K chunk here or there, but not in any meaningful way. Putty Squad is hard coded to run from a specific memory location, pretty much where AmigaDOS would wish to reside in.

As for using an assign....... if it were that simple, it would have been released already :/

It is possible, but for the CD32 I would have to recode parts of the game to reduce memory consumption, remove all hard coded addresses.

Its not impossible, but its no two second job either.
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