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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Of note with the Sd2iec's is that 'some' of the newer demos won't run on them if there multiload using tricky routines.
The "tricky routines" are just using standard features of the disk drive that the SD2IEC doesn't emulate, namely the drive CPU and support chips. You're safe with most single file demos (but not all because there are a few like Panta Rhei which use the drive as a sort of co-processor) and a few multi-loaders as long as they don't rely on those unemulated drive electronics, but it will fail on anything IRQ loading so no Edge Of Disgrace, Wonderland 12, Comalight 13 or older titles like Deus Ex Machina (2000) or Dutch Breeze (1991).

Games like Defender Of The Crown, Flimbo's Quest or Dragon's Lair 2 that load whilst something else is happening on screen will also be incompatible unless using a cracked version that takes out that functionality.

Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
You need a real disk drive or the 1541 Ultimite-II to play them properly!
Or a Turbo Chameleon.
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