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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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The atari st sold more unit in usa ??
Poor marketing ??? I don't know, there is a publicity for the usa : [ Show youtube player ]
And one for the france, that i never saw before : [ Show youtube player ]
I found the french publicity very bad, because it shows nothing about the amiga capacity, it explains nothing... I'm sure this publicity was a loose of time and money !
The american one seems good to me... but how much time they made marketing ??? i really don't know.
I remember well the sega publicity on tv when i was young but i have no one about the amiga... Even more bad when i bought my amiga i didn't know this computer existed, i had an atari st at this periode of time, hopefully i went to a friend and he shows me the amiga !!!! what a slap, the animation was really better and the music !!!!! Everything in the amiga was better like i wasn't a musician.

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