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Sorry Jim, but I don't think thats true at all. Biggest single markets were the UK and Germany, France and a conglomerate of the Scandinavian countries.

Problem for people is that the Amiga was eventually accepted as a games machine by Commodore, and the Americans were rather different in what they wanted.

The NES was king over there, cartridge format for instant loading, cartridge consoles was how a games machine was perceived it should be.

In the rest of Europe however, home computers were the norm, we'd already done the cartridge thing with the Atari VCS, and for many people the cost of games was far too prohibitive.

I remember being very young and cartridges were over £30 each, which back in the late 70's/early 80's was a massive amount of money for a game.

Compare that to a C64 title that was less than £10, and the vast budget ranges that were cheaper still.

So when it was time for the C64 and Spectrums to be put away, the Amiga was the next logical step, as well as the Atari ST.

In America, the next logical step was an evolution of what they already had which was NES to SNES.
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