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HAYWIRE PC banned from

I got banned from for publicly asking why MORPHOS news was no longer approved as news items and asking too many questions.

I have been a forum member there for 10+ years. I have helped countless amigans over those years, and been a good contributing member to that site.

The new owners are now banning anyone who questions anything apparently.

Amigakit and AEON now own that site. (So I suppose its a red camp site now?)

Used to be that any relevant amiga news item got approved. Now it seems that if the new site owners do not benefit financially from your post, it is not approved. Thats sad, because it used to be a site for all amigans. (No more apparently)

To be clear, I'm not a red camp or blue camp guy. I'm simply a guy who loves all things amiga. (If I had to choose one I'd say I'm an AROS guy) Still I think a site called should include news items from all camps.

This new regime is killing that site. Its sad that the petty bullshit like this keeps going. Looks like the control freaks think they can control what you hear about in amiga news now. If they are not making money off it, then I guess they don't care to include some news items. Selfish scared losers runing what was once a great resource for amiga fans.

This is the beginning of the end. How many amiga fans are left? Why would they alienate anyone at this point? Are they so scared of losing the few dollars they are making off the amiga corpse still that they will do anything to preserve and try and expand that?

Its a sad, sad stage of whats left of amiga land now. Power hungry idiots thinking they can filter or control things.

And to be clear, I do believe that MorphOS is technically superior to amiga os 4.x and this is why they refuse to post relevant morphos news. They think they can minimize their competition by buying this site and controlling the content.

Based on this experience, I will NEVER buy anything from Amigakit ever again.
I will NEVER buy an OS4 or AEON product EVER.

So fuck you right in your eyes, you control freak assholes. I'm a huge amiga fan and enthusiast. I will NEVER EVER support your products ever again. I will NEVER give you a single dime and I will encourage others to only support the groups left in amiga land that still have some form of integrity.

I will not be banned or censored or have the ability to ask questions taken away from me by these kind of people.

If your position is SO WEAK that you can't allow people to ask questions?

Well that speaks volumes about how weak you are, how scared you are, and
how powerless and pathetic you are.

I suppose this post may be banned also, but at least I said my peace.

Best regards,

Amiga user since 1987.
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