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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
How well would this emulator run Star Fox Adventures? I would really love to play that game again. Although my PC may not be up to task with it's i5-2500k 3.30 GHz.
I just ran it for a quick test and it looks very promising.
The title screen and first stage were running at around 55-60fps on my pc, this was at 1800p with 4xMsaa and downsampling it down to 1080p!

It was virtually full speed and smooth to play, but i would need to play into it further to see what the later levels run like.
Also starfox adventures was a little more demanding to run then f-zero was on my hardware.

But considering that dolphin really only uses 2 cores your cpu might be fine, especially with the latest optimizations they have done.
Also you don't need to run it with crazy high setting like i do, at 720p-1080p it would obviously be less demanding to run.

I use downsampling etc because i can i guess, lol, my PC is a beast and makes the PS4/Xbone look like gameboys!
But i think as long as you have an intel dual core and above cpu running at around 3.5ghz and above, you should be right with most gamecube games through dolphin, wii games might be a little more demanding to run though.

Edit- When trying Dolphin just be prepared for some stuttering when you first run games, after it caches they should run stutter free.
Also the Star wars rogue squadron games are still not playable, although they run faster they have graphic bugs, that's why i bought a real cube for them!
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