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If you already have a modest understanding of computing from the early 80's onwards then this documentary is very accessible. However I wouldn't recommend this to someone that has no interest in the subject, they would probably find it overwhelming with it's constant barrage of nerdy details and name dropping from the industry.

The overall style/feel of the documentary is very forensic in it's approach and story telling, this might seem quite dry and slow paced for some people. I personally enjoyed the direction they went with, and given how vast and dense the subject matter is the 2 hour+ running length seems mostly justified.

Another thing I should mention, it does come across as very UK-centric, this shouldn't be surprising as it's told from a mostly British perspective. It would have been nice to hear more from other developers around the world to get their take on the UKs impact on the industry, but it's only very briefly touched on.

I immediately knew I was going to enjoy it from the moment the title sequence started, it does a great job of setting the scene. Clearly a lot of hard work and research has gone into film and it shows. The real meat of the film are the interviews themselves and they are handled very well, most of the people featured are very candid about their experiences and the film does well in showing both the positive and negative aspects of the business along with the personal tolls it had on some of the developers. I only bought the standard digital version costing me around 10 and for myself it was worth every penny.

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