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Underpowered and lacking in software support with an OS that's realistically ten years too late.
ahhhh, you mean the business model for the 1200? haha

eeeeee I joke but the 1200 was a fantastic machine 2 / 4 years too late. And that is a life time in doggy years. (Computer years)

If only commodore didn't commit suicide in the first place they could be what Apple are today.

But its over. Long gone and ancient history. If I say Amiga on my Facebook account people go, yeah I remember faintly, or they dont have a clue. Of course this site give sa totally distorted view of that as everyone here myself included has the Amiga in their heart.

But to the average Jo who is very happy with their iPhone, so much so they line up like sheep to get the very latest model that is at best a different shape and 10% better than the model they have, of they cannot wait to be relived of there money to buy a PS4, even though until a few years at least all the games look as good as a PS3 (Ive seen my mates)

In these days of Sheeple who simply hand over their money to these corporate monopolies do you honestly think anyone is going to buy yet another new new new new new underdog amiga?

I share your dream of it coming back but better still I fantasise in another reality commodore didn't commit suicide and are now the dominant platform and all of there machines had total compatibility with gems from the C64 onwards. But I realise this is only a dream.

Whilst I amdire your spirit Turrican3 I just don't see it. But would hate to dampen your enthusiasm.

Ultimately, the only chance of a new amiga is if Apple buy out the brand and tell everyone to buy it. Then you'll get your dream as the Steeple line up and do as there told. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

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