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Hi guys. Honestly, A portable TV is enough to me. I really don't give a damn about graphics. As long as its as good as an old portable or better. I know this may be Alien to all of you who has spent a load of money getting the best possible picture but Im a musician first and foremost. Not a gamer.

I do not want to get a CRT monitor as they take up a wad of space. There is little real estate left in my music studio to give out to a CRT.

AJK - I have no way to connect anything else to the LCD mate. My PS3 / iPhone etc etc none of which use composite. I also cannot connect my Amiga to another composite screen. Simply as my Plasma had either HDMI inputs only.

I have been considering an old car LCD monitor. The 9" ones. Can anyone recommend a simple plug and play model that works.
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