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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I don't need videos or benchmarks - I have a device which is AT LEAST 2x times as powerful than the S7800B and that's not enough for me.

I won't compromise for anything less than full 60fps with no frameskip, and everything cranked up to the max

I mean, a lot of people think that frameskip or skipping audio is acceptable, but not me We're obviously not talking about SNES emulation here (even my fridge can do that, nowadays) but of something like DOS emulation... Ultima Underworld 1 for example runs barely at full speed on my Nexus 5 and will slowdown sometimes.

It all depends on what you need to do with a device. I don't need SNES or Amiga emulators as I have the real deal for that
No worries, i was just trying to point out that your original comment of JXD's being the ''Worst piece of crap I've ever bought'', was a little misleading.
And it was a little harsh on the fella who said he had just bought one right before you posted these comments.

Myself and others here have had great experiences with them, and for the price they are a good buy.
If you want more power then feel free to spend twice the cash to get it, something like an NV shield etc.

Also does this ''device which is AT LEAST 2x times as powerful than the S7800B'' of yours have real physical controls on it?
Because to be honest, you can have twice as much power but it's still gonna suck if you have to use touch screen controls or a separate controller for emulation compared to the PSP like JXD's!
And how much did this device cost you compared to the S7800b?

Also i was trying to point out that the S7800b does have some decent power to it and is not a piece of crap as indicated-''I'm pretty sure that a 1.4GHz chinese-no-brand quad-core won't cut it''

You can see this for yourself in these benchmarks-

The S7800b uses the same RK3188 chipset that they use it the benchmarks and is a very popular, well known chipset.
And as you will see the RK3188 outguns the Tegra3 chipset for most of the time, and that's not bad at all!
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