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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
[ Show youtube player ]

Powerful enough for you?
I don't need videos or benchmarks - I have a device which is AT LEAST 2x times as powerful than the S7800B and that's not enough for me.

I won't compromise for anything less than full 60fps with no frameskip, and everything cranked up to the max

I mean, a lot of people think that frameskip or skipping audio is acceptable, but not me We're obviously not talking about SNES emulation here (even my fridge can do that, nowadays) but of something like DOS emulation... Ultima Underworld 1 for example runs barely at full speed on my Nexus 5 and will slowdown sometimes.

It all depends on what you need to do with a device. I don't need SNES or Amiga emulators as I have the real deal for that
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