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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I'm pretty sure that a 1.4GHz chinese-no-brand quad-core won't cut it
[ Show youtube player ]

Powerful enough for you?

It may not be full speed but dreamcast emulation is a huge achievement on a tablet, and needs quite a bit of grunt to run as good as this video shows.

And if the JXD can do that, then it's pretty safe to say that any system that came out before the dreamcast can be emulated decently on the S7800b.

And from my experience with the S7800b it plays all the emulators nicely.

I also suggest you flick through these videos to see how smooth android games run on it, plus one of Mario64 running at full speed-

[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

The S7800b does have a reasonable amount of power in it, and the thing is the JXD's are one of the few options when it comes to having real controllers on a tablet

Edit- One thing of note with android tablets in general, you can have the most powerful tablet still run like crap if you clog it up with to much sh#t running in the background etc.
I personally use a memory cleaning program on mine, plus it cleans all out the crap files that clutters up on them after a while.

Edit 2- If anyone wants some emulators for the android tablets, this is a good place to get them from, nice tidy layout with apk download links, plus links to the payed emulators on googleplay-

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